Photos of Bob Aronsohn
Two legends reminiscing on the tail gate.
Bob and Dick Kilbane have combined for a mind boggling sum of over 230,000 crows,   and counting.
Bob Aronsohn with a bucket full of spent shells.
Bob picking up after a successful afternoon shoot.

Bob Aronsohn was born in New York in 1948. His father Leo introduced him to hunting at the early age of six.  He started off shooting woodchucks with a .22 caliber Model 63 Winchester, but quickly moved up to larger game and firearms.  At age ten, Bob travelled with his father to Kodiak Island in the Alaska territory where Bob killed a Kodiak bear with a .270 Winchester. By age eleven, Bob had discovered that crows offered a challenging, yet plentiful target, setting the stage for a lifetime of crow shooting success.

Bob attended Stevens Business College and proudly served two tours in Vietnam. He was a member of the Naval Skeet Team, and was allowed to keep his own firearms on board the ship.  

Bob married at age 26, and promptly moved to Kansas the following day to begin an earnest pursuit of crows. He began keeping detailed records of his shoots at that time.  Since 1974, Bob has hunted 41 seasons, harvesting an incredible 154,753 crows. His best season was 1997, when he shot 6,349 black bandits.  Over the years, Bob has had numerous shoots of 500 birds or more in a single day.  On many of these hunts, Bob was joined by other legendary crow shooters, such as Boyd Robeson, Dick Kilbane, Jerry Byroade and Jim Lundquist , and the total numbers of crows killed on Bob's hunts with these men is well over 230,000. Bob's largest shoot was on December 15, 1982, when he and Boyd Robeson combined to kill 859 crows. Both men were using 20 gauge Model 12 Winchesters firing 7/8 of an ounce of #9 shot.  Bob's best solo shoot occurred in November of 2010, when he alone fired 1,150 12 gauge trap loads, downing 834 crows in a single day.

To date, Bob has produced two crow hunting videos, "The Art of Crow Hunting" in 2001 and "Crow Shooting" in 2007.  These videos can be purchased in DVD format at  Bob has also produced electronic crow calling sounds for the FoxPro Game Call company, those can be purchased at  Bob was the featured guest on Brian Downs' Predator Hunting Talkcast as well.  To listen to this in depth interview covering all aspects of crow shooting, please click here.

In addition to crow hunting, Bob also enjoys shooting other birds and wild game.  Bob has travelled to Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia on numerous occasions to hunt ducks and geese. He has also hunted both big game and waterfowl in Africa. Bob readily admits that crows are his favorite quarry.

During the off season Bob enjoys playing billiards, he is drawn to the competitive aspect of the game.  He also frequents the online message board at, where he shares his crow hunting experiences and expertise with other crow shooters. 

Bob also contributes crow feathers for use in traditional Native American head dresses and war bonnets.  Anyone who has seen the movie "Dances With Wolves" has seen "Bob's" crow feathers on the silver screen! Movie industry consultant Ken Weidner used feathers from Bob's victims to prepare several items depicted in the movie.

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