Crow Shooting Legends:

Bert Popowski Bert Popowski is considered by most knowledgeable crow shooters to be the "Father" of modern crow hunting. To learn why, please  click here



Bob AronsohnMany in the crow shooting community believe that Bob Aronsohn is the most successful crow shooter of all time, and for good reason.  Bob has recorded over 154,000 crow kills in just 41 years of hunting.  To learn more about Bob and his accomplishments, please click here


Dick MermonDick Mermon has been shooting crows for over 50 years. Dick did not keep count of his lifetime total, but he had numerous shoots in the 400-500 range.  He also wrote countless articles and two books, Crow Shooting Secrets I and II, regarded by some as the bible on crow shooting. We are still gathering information on Dick and his crow shooting career, please check back soon.

Skip WoodySkip Woody's crow shooting skills and achievements are remarkably unique in comparison to other high volume crow shooters. Utilizing a combination of precision shooting and the fast paced Run-and-Gun technique, Skip has harvested over 80,000 crows. To learn more about Skip and his accomplishments, please click here.


Other Successful Crow Shooters:

Dick KilbaneDick Kilbane is only the second person on record having over 100,000 crows to his name.  As of 2015, Dick has harvested 120,829 crows.  In addition, he is the only person known to have killed over 1,000 crows in a single day by himself, and he has achieved that feat twice.  His highest single day body counts are 1,212 and 1,052, far more than most hunters will shoot in a lifetime.

Boyd RobesonBoyd Robeson of Sioux City, Iowa hunted crows for over 40 years. No one will ever know the exact number of crows he killed, but 70,000 would be a very conservative estimate. He bagged over 16,000 in a single season.  Boyd served as mentor to Bob Aronsohn in Bob's early years of crow shooting in Kansas.          

Jim LundquistIn 42 years of crow shooting, Jim Lundquist estimates that he has harvested over 80,000 crows. Many of his shoots have been in the company of Bob Aronsohn.                   



Jerry ByroadeJerry Byroade hunted crows for over 50 years.  His most notable feat was killing 525 crows in a single day using a .410 bore shotgun.