A few of our successful crow hunts:

222 Crows taken with metro barrels from a pecan orchard The Trail of Tears 212 crows were dispatched on this day, 86 in the morning in a pecan orchard, and 126 in the evening at Honorary Patrolman Mesquite Jim's property. 126 recovered, with a nice Piebald. 111 crows whose pecan eating days are over. 89 crows busted in an immature orchard 212 crows were dispatched on this day, 86 in the morning, and 126 in the evening. Guest Patrolman Virgina Gar is posing with the results.  J.J. Kent of www.KentOutdoors.com with 57 crows expelled from his freshly planted wheat field, J.J. shot a unique brown crow on that hunt. 52 crows busted in a freshly planted wheat field 57 crows annihilated in a central Texas pecan orchard TexasMatt and JJ Kent of www.KentOutdoors.com with 57 corvid corpses. 222 Crows taken with metro barrels from a pecan orchard Gadget Bob showing off 126 crows and 17 grackles eliminated from a local pecan farm 111 Good Crows 75 Pecan Eaters Down 75 Crows and a Raccoon were expelled from this productive orchard. 53 crows, 1 squirrel, and 1 rabbit removed from an east Texas orchard. The orchard owner's grandson helped us silence the caw of these 61 bandits, and save several hundred pounds of pecans. 54 crows were downed on this cold winter day.  Some of Gadget Bob's decoys are pictured as well. Gadget Bob racked up 56 crows, and 12 grackles all by himself in the orchard owners back yard. Bob with 62 good crows removed from a north texas pecan orchard. Texas Matt bagged these 65 crows in a solo effort. Bob and Matt congratulating each other after a 51 bird shoot.


In the video above, Texas Matt and JJ Kent of Kent Outdoors down 57 Crows 


Gadget Bob's helmet cam captured this crow slamming into a old piece of farm equipment

Other varmints we remove: 

                                    Wild Hogs                                        

Lone Star Phil with a large hog he dispatched with buckshot. This Large Texas Hog won't be doing any more crop damage thanks to Texas Matt. A pile of 'good' varmints taken by Texas Matt in North Texas. Gadget Bob dropped this pig in his tracks.

Texas Matt earholed this sal in the rain. Texas Matt dropped this big Texas boar with a shot to the noggin. Texas Matt bringing home the bacon.


Gadget Bob single handedly dispatched this coyote and these crows in a quick morning hunt. Coyote stopped dead by Texas Matt. Texas Matt quietly dispatched this coyote with suppressed 17HMR. This coyote couldn't outrun the .17 caliber pill from Gadget Bob's rifle. 

Wiley Coyote taken by Texas Matt. Lone Star Phil bagged this coyote and coon with his metro gun in a heavily wooded creek bottom. No more calves for dinner for this varmint. Gadget Bob spotted this coyote stalking a herd of cattle, Texas Matt ended the nonsense.

Mangy Coyote put out of his misery. Lever Gun coyote. Beautifully furred coyote, that wasn't quite fast enough.


Bobcat taken during a crow shoot. Texas Matt harvested this feline in East Texas. Texas Matt showing off a fine bobcat specimen. This Bobcat and the raccoon were taken within 30 seconds of each other by Texas Matt. 


Gadget Bob crossed his T's and dotted his I's in this fierce raccoon battle. This unique blonde raccoon is just as guilty as his normally pigmented cohorts. This raccoon won't be robbing any more pecan trees. This masked robber won't cause any further damage.

One less nocturnal raider. A 6 pack of meddlesome critters dispatched in short order. Daytime raccoon. 

    Squirrels            Skunks            Pigeons          Snow Geese

One of Texas Matt's many squirrels This stinky critter was causing problems, until the Texas Crow Patrol arrived, and Guest Patrolman Big Ed made short work of him. Gadget Bob and Lone Star Phil with 72 pigeons taken from horse pens.  The metro guns don't spook the horses, even a close range. Texas Matt with a load of snow geese that were destroying freshly planted winter wheat.

       Fox                Beaver                        Badger                   

Texas Matt made sure this Gray Fox won't be making any more trips to the hen house. Gadget Bob dispacted this destructive rodent. This badger will never annihilate the Texas landscape again. Texas Matt put an end to this critter's destructive ways.

A few odd crows we have encountered:  

Piebald Crows

This Piebald was number 71 of 126 in Central Texas  A piebald crow taken during a 212 bird crow shoot  Texas Matt spotted this white feathered crow tearing up garbage in central Texas.  Guest Patrolman James busted this white winged crow in East Texas. 

Brown Crows

J.J. Kent of www.KentOutdoors.com shot this brown crow that was damaging his winter wheat crop. Texas Matt bagged this brown crow in an east Texas pecan orchard. 



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