Photos of Skip Woody

     Skip Woody shooting crows in heavy pine cover.       Skip with a few unlucky crows.

A crow disentigrating after being zapped by Skip.
Exploding crow, compliments of Skip's marksmanship.

Skip Woody scoring a direct hit in thick cover.
Skip Woody made short work of this low flying bandit. The spent shell can be seen to the bottom right of the 'spent' crow.

Skip Woody has been shooting crows for over 55 years.  During this time, he has perfected what is known as the Run-and-Gun technique of crow hunting.  Most high volume crow shooters hunt flyways, where thousands of crows fly past the shooter's position in a matter of a few hours.  With the Run-and-Gun technique, the shooter moves to the crows, hunting 15-20 locations over the course of a day.   Massive flyways do not exist in Skip's neck of the woods, so necessity drove him to master this technique, which has yielded him over 75,000 crows, an impressive figure by any standard.  Skip's highest single day total is 222 crows.


Gadget Bob had the honor of joining Skip for a hunt in early 2008, and Skip visited Texas in the fall of 2010 to shoot crows with the Texas Crow Patrol.  Skip's skill with a shotgun left us in utter amazement.  We were also impressed with Skip's ability to call crows using a pair of custom mouth calls hand crafted by Tom Turpin and Darrell Gibson. Unlike most crow shooters, Skip exclusively uses mouth calls, as opposed to electronic calling devices.  This requires tremendous skill and in-depth knowledge of the crow language, and allows him to more quickly move from one shooting location to another.


Skip may be best known for his achievements with rifle.  From 1969 to 1972, Skip was a member of the U.S. Army "All Army" Rifle Team.  During this time, he competed in the National Matches at Camp Perry, and earned a number of individual and team awards in competitions across the United States.  Ultimately, he earned the NRA High Power designation of 'Master', which certainly sets him apart from your typical rifleman.  All of this was achieved using an M-14 with iron sights.  Since then, Skip has killed over 8,000 crows with a rifle, with his highest daily total being 46.  Both of those figures are unlikely to ever be matched by another crow shooter. 


Skip has hunted a wide array of birds in many corners of the world, including American crows across the United States, British crows, jackdaw, rooks, and wood pigeons in England, Hungarian Partridge and Sharp-tailed Grouse in Saskatchewan, and dove in Argentina, where he downed 3,700 in 3 1/2 days of shooting.  But, Skip is quick to point out that no other bird captures his attention like the crow.  Over the past 55 years, crow hunting has been an integral part of Skip's life, and his enthusiasm for the sport has never waned.  He continues to pursue the bird he respects greatly at every opportunity, asking and giving no quarter.


Over the years, Skip has written numerous articles on crow shooting, many of which appeared in Black Skies, a crow shooting newsletter previously available at .  "A Day in the Life of a Run and Gunner" was also published in the December 2007 issue of The Varmint Hunter magazine.


Skip Woody's amazing laundry list of skills, achievements and contributions to the crow shooting community, combined with his absolute humility easily earns him the status of Crow Shooting Legend. In 2010, Skip was awarded the coveted "Blue Max" by the Texas Crow Patrol for his lifetime of crow hunting accomplishments.  In 2011, he was presented the "Iron Crow" by the TCP in further recognition of his stature in our profession.