Texas Matt

Matt was born and raised in north east Texas. He grew up patrolling his family's ranch for game animals as well as varmints. At age 15, he discovered a copy of Dick Mermon's Crow Shooting Secrets in his school library. The book opened his eyes to the world of crow hunting, and he has avidly pursued the pesky birds ever since. In 2006, Matt joined forces with Gadget Bob and Lone Star Phil, and became a key member of the Texas Crow Patrol.

In addition to crow shooting, Matt also enjoys hunting waterfowl, upland birds, deer, hogs, and predators. He is frequently joined in the field by his lovely wife, and eagerly awaits the day he will introduce his young son to the sport. Matt holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Texas and a Masters of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University. He is currently a public finance consultant in Dallas. Matt can be reached at: TexasMatt@TexasCrowPatrol.com

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