Texas Crow Patrol Shooters Took 222 Crows Out of this North East Texas Pecan Orchard in a Single Day 

Welcome to the online home of the Texas Crow Patrol, a trio of highly effective crow shooters banded together to protect our great state's valuable food crops from ravenous hordes of crows and other undesirable varmints. 

Our mission is to assist landowners with the removal of destructive wildlife while abiding by all applicable laws and regulations. We recognize the importance of our natural resources, and strive to preserve at-risk agricultural assets while displaying the highest levels of sportsman etiquette.

We thoroughly enjoy this noble endeavor, and do not seek compensation in any form.  If you are interested in our free crow removal services, please click here , and provide us with your contact information. We will be happy to discuss your situation, and determine if we can assist your agricultural operation.



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